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Greeting the staff

Herona Hospital

Herona beginnings


(meaning in Luganda)


Building Herona Hospital 2017

In 2012 Henry Garvin started Herona clinic in Kisoga village, Uganda to serve his community. He also started the foundations of Herona Hospital.


Over 4 years, using his own wages, he managed to complete the hospital foundations. In 2017, still using his own wages and borrowing money, Garvin began building the walls for Phase 1. This was a third of the ground area of what will become Herona Hospital. 


High rent and limited space was a major problem at his old clinic and it was under the threat of demolition due to being too near the new main road.


There was an urgent need to move forward with the building of Herona Hospital. 

Progress has been made at lightning speed thanks to the hard work and commitment of all involved, including funding from IMET2000.

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Garvin Mukulazi and Richard Field would both like to extend a huge thank you to IMET2000. Without their support, none of the achievements over the past 3 years would have been possible.

Since May 2017 they have supported Herona Hospital with grants of over £160,000 and are committed to further support.

We are eternally grateful for all IMET2000 have done to make Garvin's vision a reality, thank you.

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