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Who's who

 Dr Henry Garvin Mukulazi admin, director 


 Rose I/C  Pharmacy 


 Winnie, head of laboratory dept 

 Hasifa I/C ART clinic 

 Peter (Public health dental officer)

Nicholas I/C theatre   

Richard Chief cashier

 Agnes Pharmacy technician 

 Joseph Public health dental officer 

 Dr Moses 

 Wilbroad cashier 

 Linda I/C eye clinic 

 Pantaleo Ambulance driver 

 Mr Katongole  aneasthetic  officer 

 Mr sekitto public relations officer 

 Resty lab technician 

Solomon orthopaedic officer 

Sister Felicitas nursing officer (midwife)

Shadia medical radiographer 

 Fred medical theatre assistant

 Faith assistant pharmacist 

 Maggie Lab assistant 

 Martha ophthalmic clinical officer

 Dr  Joshua 

 Dr Iwanga Charles MBChB Supervising medical officer 

 Vicent human resources

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