Who's who

  Henry  Garvin (MBChB- BDU-ECUREI) 


 Rose ( HR) 


 Winnie, head of laboratory dept 

 Paul medical clinical officer 

 Vicent marketing & public relations officer

 Ronald support staff 

 Hasifa  (dip reg- comp-nur.) SNO 

 Peter (Public health dental officer)

 Joseph Senior anAesthetic officer 

 Racheal Mid wife 

Nicholas theatre assistant  

 Lucas clinical officer and sonographer 

 Jackie Medical imaging technologist

Richard Accountant

 Moses Supervising medical officer 

 Agnes Pharmacy technician 

 Joseph Public health dental officer 

 Dr Moses 

 Winnie senior midwife 

 Esther Lab assistant 

 Christine mid wife 

 Wilbroad receptionist 

 Asaba ophthalmic officer