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Kisoboka Project

Children, adults and staff from 
Ebenezer Kisoboka children's home

The ‘Kisoboka’ Project is a local expansion of all that Richard Field has developed over the past six years in the Ebenezer Kisoboka Children’s Home. It can be viewed as several interdependent mini-projects.

Richard Field is a great friend of the Ebenezer Kisoboka Children’s Home; although based in the UK for much of the year, he is a regular visitor to Uganda and has been a driving force in improving life at the home. Four acres of land, already purchased by Richard, will be the focal point of a scheme in which:

  • several small houses will be built to accommodate staff

  • a basic clinic, to be badged the Kula Clinic Gonve, will be built as an annexe and partner of the private Herona Hospital in Kisoga.  It will also serve as a rehabilitation centre for children post-trauma

  • a local primary school will be used to build up better education and then proceed to secondary level

  • the EK home will continue to be improved but limited to children who have no parents and are destitute

  • a parallel scheme will be organised so that most of the children can remain at home (often with a grandparent) with some support for their schooling and IMET2000 field staff running school courses in healthcare awareness (for example personal hygiene, malaria, nutrition, parasites, sexual health)

  • an administrative office will be built on the Gonve plot of land to run the whole scheme.

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