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 Diagnostic Laboratory 

Winnie and the CBC machine

Winnie has been working as Head of diagnostic laboratory since 2013 

Herona Hospital laboratory is registered by the allied health professionals Council and is supervised by a senior medical scientific officer. It is a fully comprehensive laboratory, fitted with state of the art equipment to enable completion of most investigations.
The laboratory is run by competent staff that will ensure timely delivery of results. All investigations are conducted in-house providing urgent support to all the various hospital activities. The laboratory also carries out investigations for institutions and individuals outside the hospital and is open 24 hours a day.

Our laboratory offers the following tests: 

  • Liver and renal function tests

  • Free HIV blood tests

  • Cervical cancer screening 

  • PSA for cancer of the prostate in men above 4O yrs

  • Hepatitis B

  • Complete blood count machine (CBC)

  • Bone and cardiac profile

  • Fasting lipid profile

  • Pancreatic function test

  • Biochemical urine analysis

  • Protein and haemoglobin electrophoresis

  • Sickle test and erythrosyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

  • Coagulation and metabolism tests

  • Bone marrow examination

  • Full blood count and film comment

  • Culture and sensitivity of micro-organisms

  • Blood, stool and urine parasitological tests

  • Reproductive markers

  • CD4/CD8 cell count

  • Serology and immunoassay tests for infectious pathogens

  • Blood grouping rhesus factor and compatibility tests

  • Direct/Indirect Coomb’s testing

  • Cytology, immunohistochemistry and histology investigations

  • HIV, hepatitis B/C viral load(provided free)

  • TB screening provided free

  • Blood transfusion provided free

NB: We collaborate with Lacent Laboratories

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