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Incubator 2

Labour Suite

As part of efforts to reduce mortality and morbidity rates of infants and mothers who were dying in big numbers due to obstetric complications, Herona decided to set up a well-equipped labour suite. This has patient monitors, a well designed gynaecological bed, emergency drugs including magnesium sulphate used in the management of hypertensive related panic emergencies.

                                             Neonatal Department

The neonatal unit is equipped with a functional incubator, baby warming lamp, active resuscitation gadgets including manual resuscitators (Ambu bags) and reusable suction bulbs (penguin suckers). The newborn services combine advanced technologies, vital monitors, experienced and caring staff who have endless commitment to ensure better neonatal outcomes.

With our commitment to the healthy development of preterm babies, special follow-ups and home visits are made to all premature babies after being discharged.

 Our Maternity Unit is expanding      please click in the link below 

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