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Exciting and life saving projects for                      2022

Click below for our 2022 update

With a new exciting collaborations between IMET2000 and Herona Hospital, we will soon be announcing a very exciting new projects to the hospital.



Peak scientific

This container housing the oxygen generator arrived at Herona Hospital in February 2022. It now supplies the hospital with oxygen.

Thank you Peak Scientific.


Aqua pura

We are extremely grateful to Mecki and everyone at Aqua Pura for planning, supplying and installing their water purification system. Aqua Pura helped Herona Hospital deepen its well to increase water supply through the Wulf Foundation, Germany. Aqua Pura also supplied a tank which gravity feeds their filtration system. From there the clean water goes to designated drinking taps. Herona Hospital would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Aqua Pura and the Wulf Foundation.



The Paul Foundation

June 25,2022



Thanks to an extremely generous grant from the Paul Foundation, a complete set of solar panels (see photos below) have been installed in Herona Hospital sufficient to render the hospital virtually independent of the National Grid. This is a massive boost to Herona Hospital and again we are incredibly grateful to the Paul Foundation.


Meliora life

Coming soon

 IMET2000 are delighted to be funding 20 cataract operations each month for 2022


This is the brand new Toyota Landcruiser ambulance, fully equipped and ready for outreach. We are extremely grateful to Nick Kotecha and the Randall Foundation for their generous donation.

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