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 2018 and Phase 2 is now underway 

Below is the vision we had for Herona phase 2, the progress that is being made and how the vision has grown with the success of Phase 1.

Phase 2

Will have an​ Operating theatre 

Herona Hospital having the first operating theatre in the area is hugely significant as it will cut down travelling times for emergencies.

Heading 1

Mother and child 

The hospital will also have a Labour Suite, were women can safely deliver their babies. This suite will have all the necessary equipment to improve maternal health.

Our Postnatal Unit, with at least 5 beds, will ensure proper monitoring of mothers who have just delivered. This is necessary in early detection of bleeding after delivery (post-partum haemorrhage). We aim to achieve the minimum development goal of the United Nations of improving maternal health by 75%.

Currently mothers deliver with the help of traditional birth attendants who use local herbs. Many mothers develop sepsis (severe infection) following delivery and many babies develop neonatal septicaemia which, if untreated, can kill. With a lack of even basic hygiene, such as hand washing, babies can develop tetanus. Currently Herona Clinic offers free immunisation to both babies and pregnant mothers and we hope with the opening of the new hospital immunisation numbers will rise.

We plan to have a Neonatal Unit with at least 2 incubators which will reduce the number of neonatal deaths in the area. The entire Mukono district currently has no incubators or neonatal facility, not even in the government units.

Our original examinatin bed

The vision

Operating table

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On its way to Herona Hospital



We shall open:

  •       a 10 bedded children’s ward

  •       a 10 bedded female ward

  •       a 10 bedded male ward

Currently, due to large number of patients, we are forced to mix inpatients and sometimes even treat them in chairs. Herona Hospital phase 2 will make a big difference to this rural area. The hospital will have audio speakers installed in the ceiling, allowing patients to hear vital information on subjects such as breastfeeding, general health, hand washing, proper disposal of faeces and mosquito net use. This service will create awareness of infection control and prevention.

Phase 2 will also have an Xray department and eye clinic.

Herona Hospital are now proud owners of the first incubator in the area

Incubator 2

The vision 2017

Beds at the old clinic

Our goal

Herona Hospital Phase 1 ward it looked in Sept 2018

New beds

Our first proper hospital bed

First proper hospital bed

Construction work begins at Herona Hospital

This is the dream, Phase ll will give us the basement and                               the ground floor

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