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Why we need Herona Hospital maternity wing

The mother of this baby went to a traditional birth attendant. She was there for 3 days drinking local herbs, she went to relieve herself but unfortunately gave birth at that moment. The baby already tired fell into the long drop toilet. A good samaritan with the aid of a rope went down and pulled out the baby.

The baby was cleaned and rushed to Herona Hospital. On arrival the baby was in a coma with severe hypothermia and asphyxia. The baby was resuscitated, given oxygen therapy, put on monitor and a suction pump was used to remove fluids and mucus the baby was worked on for 3 hrs under the baby warming lamp. The baby is now fine and with the mother.

We need to make more people in the surrounding villages aware of the facilities at Herona Hospital to stop this and similar things happening in future.

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