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Massey Ferguson generator

Power cuts happen regularly in Kisoga and can go on for a long time. At a hospital it can be fatal, in the middle of a C-section, the power goes, no oxygen, no monitor, no lights. Thanks to SR Gemma Omddii of Mantellate Sisters of Servants of Mary who connected Herona to a friend in Rome, Herona Hospital last night got a generator. The sisters have been great friends to Garvin and Herona Hospital, they have helped Garvin with his education and given Herona a scanner. Garvin went looking for a generator with a mechanic and managed to purchase a second hand 17 kva, 3 phase, diesel Massy Ferguson generator. It is not only powerful enough to power phase one but it will also be capable of powering a fully equipped phase 2 which we aim to include equipment like an x-ray and autoclave. The new generator can be set up so it will automatically come on as soon as the power fails. Garvin and everyone at Herona would like to extend a big thank to everyone who made it possible.

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