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In loving memory

As always I would like to thank Barbara Sedassy and the Jonny Rhythm Foundation. Barbara has been a constant support and help with all the projects in Uganda including Herona Hospital. Barbara organised people to knit for Herona babies. Many knitters are from the Pop in group in Chesham, they really knitted a vast number of jerseys and blankets, and there are knitters at Cedars Retirement Village. Not only did she organise the knitters but she also helps box up, and pay for shipping, including driving to Hounslow to send out to Uganda. We have sent out many boxes so each baby born will go home from the hospital with clothes. We will always need more knitted garments.

Sadly last year one of the Pop in group members died, Edna Wright. Edna’s friends collected money which went for a hospital bed and with the help of Barbara they bought one in memory of Edna Wright and Jonny Sedassy. Herona now have their first proper bed and the first in the district.

Last month we were lucky enough to buy 5 more standard beds which meant the hospital is to capacity but to reach the World Health Organisation standard we need beds such as these eventually.

Garvin, Rose and all at Herona would like to thank everyone who has helped getHerona Hospital to capacity in hospital beds.

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