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Herona Hospital dental excellance

Our good friends and dental hygienists from the UK, Mandy, Carole and Carolyn not only volunteered their time, paid all their expenses, taught children dental hygiene, screened children, assisted Herona dentists with over 400 extractions and bought tooth brushes for many schools, they bought with them in their suitcases a lot of dental equipment. This equipment has greatly increased the services provided at Herona Hospital Ltd. Now available at Herona and the only dentist in the whole sub and beyond; 1. Scaling and polishing 2. Glass ionomer fillings (white) 3. Amalgam fillings 4. Autramatic restorative therapy 5. Impression taking and denture fitting. 6. Tooth extractions 7. Sedative dressing ( temporary fillings) 8. Treatment of gum disease 9. Dental examination and screening

From Peter Mutebi Public Health Dental Officer and Head of dentistry at Herona Hospital. ‘Our sincere gratitude goes first to you for connecting us to such good people and then to the team from UK who secured for us such a collection of equipment putting us on the forefront of professional dental service delivery in the area. May God bless you. We are looking forward to working with you towards making Herona Hospital the number one hospital in the country as far as promotion and delivery of oral health services is concerned.’ We still have a long way to go to reach Peter and Herona Hospitals ambitious aims. We appreciate all that our hygienist friends have done and are still doing. Anyone able to help will be greatly appreciated. The next step for the dentistry; 1. Dental x-ray 2. Light cure machine 3. Suction machine 4. Steriliser ( autoclave) 5. Slow and high speed hand pieces 6. Composite gun 7. Examination trays, mirrors and probes. 8. More dental forceps

Thank you all so much.

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