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New incubator

Ugandan ministry of health statistics indicate that each year 200,000 babies are born before they reach the 37th week of gestation. This number is responsible for 31% of Uganda’s national neo-natal deaths. Previously we have been referring neo-natal babies to other hospitals with the relevant equipment, but with delays many babies die on the way. It is on record that very few hospitals have functioning incubators.

With this equipment, neonatal deaths will reduce in the area.

Thanks to Helen Beattie and family, Herona Hospital is now the proud owner of an incubator. Bought from the Joint Medical Store (JMS) who also installed and trained staff all about the incubator.

With the scanner we can monitor the babies in the womb. Herona now has experience to make safe births possible. In the mini theatre there is all the equipment available for natural births and Caesarean Sections. And they have the relevant birthing techniques to stop the transfer of HIV from mother to baby.

With the baby warming lamp and now an incubator, for post natal care, Herona is the number one facility in Ntenjeru sub-county and the neighbouring sub counties Nakisunga, Mpatta, Mpunge and Koome Island for safe maternal care. We need to spread the word so the community knows these vital services are now close by and affordable.

Phase 2 of Herona Hospital will have a state of the art neonatal clinic; with more incubators these will further solve the problem of neonatal deaths in this part of Uganda; an area that these facilities have been lacking before.

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