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Future plans

 Herona Hospital has only been operating for 6 months, but it has already grown with the 20 beds often full. Herona is licenced and registered by the Ugandan ministry of health, they regularly carry out births including c-section and minor operations. They have increased their services with more equipment, a scanner, an incubator and full blood count machine. But they are still having to refer many patients as phase 1 is not big enough to cater for all the services needed. Below is the floor plan for phase 2 of Herona hospital.

It will be built with reinforced foundations and extra pillars so the structure can support one or two more levels. 

Phase 2 will greatly increase the services Herona Hospital will be able to offer on the new ground floor including an eye clinic and eye operating theatre, major operating theatre, post operative wards, labour suites, post natal ward and neonatal unit.

Whilst phase 2 is now our priority plans and artists impressions have been drawn for what will be a 4 phase project. Below are the drawings for the finished hospital. 

We still have a long way to go on this project and appreciate everyone who has helped us get this far.

Anyone interested in helping with any aspects of fundraising, social media or equipping a hospital would be greatly appreciated.

Please share this it may help us find people who can help Herona Hospital reach its full potential, thank you. 

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