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Free health camp

Herona hospitals main aim is to serve its community with an affordable and high standard health service.

But the hospital has to sustain itself so they have to walk a fine line of being affordable and though it is a 'not for profit' hospital it has to make enough to cover its overheads. Prices are kept as low as possible but there are still people who cannot afford them. To help everybody Herona regularly has free vaccination days and free health camps. From 21st - 22th May Herona Hospital will be having a health camp with a team of senior Ugandan medical doctors lead by Dr Asiwala a senior physician. Currently he is the president of the medical society in Michigan USA. All services will be free and fully funded by HELP foundation, services will include all lab investigations, all medicines, dental extractions and dental conservation procedures and scans. Patients with conditions that require advanced surgeries will be worked on from 23rd - 24th May, sponsored or even flown out if the surgery is not possible in Uganda. We are very grateful to the country coordinator Mr Ismaiel Lugoloobi and the DHO for making this possible.

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