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A successful health camp

Everyone at Herona Hospital Ltd would like to extend a big thank you to Dr Mohammed Arsiwala and his team at HELP Foundation. The health camp was extremely successful.

They saw 1108 medical patients over 2 days, among them 185 Dental (they were able to do restoration dentistry), 106 ophthalmology examinations, over 600 Lab services, 80 ultrasound examinations and 25 specialist referrals. Over the following 2 days, 20 major surgeries and 12 minor surgeries were carried out.

Health camps are very costly to put on and demand a lot of work and planning but the benefits to the community are huge. We sincerely hope that Herona Hospital Ltd, Dr Mohammed Arsiwala and the HELP Foundation will continue their great work together in the future.

Thank you Help Foundation.

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