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Ambulance needed

Ambulance needed,

With the new road from Mukono to Katosi accidents are commonplace in and around Kisoga village where Herona Hospital is situated. As Herona is the only hospital in the area the victims of these accidents inevitably end up there. Head injuries are the most common injury and whilst Herona Hospital has an emergency room and mini theatre they are not yet well enough equipped to treat these patients. What they need is an ambulance to move these emergency cases to larger city hospitals with the necessary hospital equipment, like an x-ray machine. Herona also receives many patients with unexpected complications who need to be referred, but often there are long delays for an ambulance which often do not turn up at all. It is becoming more and more important for Herona to have their own ambulance.

There are 2 main types of ambulance in Uganda, the Toyota Hiace and the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Hiace is cheaper at £12,000 (60,000,000ugx) The land cruiser is more costly at £40,000 (200,000,000ugx).

Though the land cruiser is far more suitable for the off-road terrain, going down to remote villages the Toyota Hiace is considerably cheaper and we have already located a Hiace conversion for sale in Uganda. The ambulance service will have a small fee to cover fuel, a driver, a paramedic and vehicle maintenance. The fee is essential to make the ambulance sustainable.

This ambulance service is now a top priority for Herona Hospital and we will be doing all we can to make sure this community gets the emergency service it needs and deserves.

If you can help in any way please contact us or look out for the many fundraising activities that will be happening soon,

Thank you

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