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A night full of excitement

Wednesday Feb 19 2020 will go down as a milestone for Herona Hospital. After an immense amount of stress and hard work, at 9pm we received our first container from the UK. After a long wait for clearance, vehicle break downs on the way to the hospital the container finally arrived. Due to the weight of the equipment and beds inside it had to be unloaded by hand before cranes lifted the container to it’s new home for storage at HHL. Local porters shared the excitement lifting every item out and carrying them safely to the hospital. Beds, X-ray machine, anaesthetistic machines, scans, it was all there. This really is a defining moment for HHL some of this equipment is not even in Uganda let alone freely available, congratulations to everyone involved. Particular thanks to IMET2000 who make everything possible, our handling agents in Uganda but most of all to Kathy Green who worked on this project tirelessly. Those who I have not been able to mention thank you.

I look forward to seeing how Herona Hospital continues to evolve, and at speed, congratulations Garvin and Rose.

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