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35 newborns in new Julie Felix Memorial Maternity Unit .

The opening of phase 3 at Herona Hospital, unfortunately, coincided with a total lockdown in Uganda. Which means there is no transport whatsoever, if you are sick and cannot walk to a hospital then there is no way to get there. Thankfully, recently the transport ban was lifted for expectant women only. This came just in time as Herona Hospital has just opened in Phase 3, The Julie Felix Memorial Maternity Unit and it is extremely busy.

Herona Hospital has reduced the cost of natural births to just £11.50 (50,000Ugx) to ensure everyone can afford a safe delivery and to reduce the number of maternal deaths in the area.

The new maternity unit has already seen 35 births, all mothers and babies are doing well. There were 12 successful C - sections. The new maternity ward with ex NHS ICU hospital beds means mothers are more comfortable and have more space. The new, labour suite has much better facilities including a birthing bed, sinks, oxygen and suction pump. As does the new, Newborn Care Area with its warming lamp, incubator, defibulators, Ambu bags and several penguin suckers, this is also functioning well. All this gives mothers much more confidence as does the new operating theatre where all the c- sections have taken place. There is also a new postnatal ward where all mothers are monitored for postpartum haemorrhage and other postpartum complications. All newborns go home with hand-knitted jumpers and baby clothes from our wonderful knitters in the UK.

We are also looking forward to the launch of the Julie Felix Memorial Scholarship for Maternal Health.

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There is still a long way to go to get the department fully equipped which will be difficult in the current climate but everyone is very grateful this facility has opened and is doing such important work, all of which would not have been possible without IMET2000.

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