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C-sections at Herona Hospital

There are many reasons why a C- section maybe needed, a breech presentation, foetal conditions (such as macrosomia, prematurity, anomalies or abnormal lie), foetal distress, multiple pregnancies and maternal conditions (such as antepartum haemorrhage, diabetes and preeclampsia (maternal hypertensive emergency) these are the major indications of C- section at herona hospital. Because this is such a vital service Herona Hospital has made the cost only 450,000 ugx / £95. Herona Hospital is continually trying to keep all services down to a minimum so it is affordable to all members of the community and surrounding areas. This price includes all medicines, sundries and hospital stay. The operations are carried out in one of our 2 new theatres by our experienced professional team including a doctor,an aneasthetist, midwives and theatre assistant.

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