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New delivery beds

Herona Hospital would like to say a big thank you to IMET2000 especially Liz and Kathy Green for 2 delivery beds.

In September there were over 60 natural childbirths at Herona Hospital.

Phase 3 has 2 delivery rooms each with space for 3 delivery beds, thanks to these 2 recent purchases the hospital has been cope with the influx of mothers to be.

As a gesture of gratitude for the 2 beds paid for and in acknowledgement of the service provided the supplier has made an offer such that if we buy one bed they will donate a second free, these 2 new beds will then provide the maternity unit with the 6 beds needed.

Each bed costs £330 therefore if we can raise this amount a second bed to the same value will be donated free of charge.

Please contact me if you can help with funding this bed

Many thanks as always for your support.

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