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First cataract operations

Herona Hospital eye clinic is growing in stature and doing great work.

In collaboration with Dr Susan Kikira, senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon based in Jinja Hospital, Herona Hospital Eye Clinic provided 20 cataract operations successfully done in one day on Sunday 29th November.

The departments newly recruited full-time optometrist has also been extremely busy, dealing with 66 patients in just one day on the 26th November and her high reputation is growing by the day.

This service is particularly important to IMET2000 as so many young people are going blind un-necessarily with treatable eye conditions so we will try to raise more funds to cover additional costs and subsidise the cataract costs for the poorest people. There are near 350 patients on the waiting list for cataract operations, some bilateral, and most cannot afford the costs in Kampala.


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