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More amazing generosity that will change lives

Herona Hospital is delighted to announce the arrival of a second ambulance, a Toyota Landcruiser. This 4-wheel drive ambulance will be capable of trans versing much rougher roads than the Toyota HiAce which we have now had for two years. We are also delighted to say that the Toyota HiAce (for which outreach was proving too testing) has been overhauled and is now regularly going backwards and forwards on referral to hospitals in Kampala on more suitable tarmac roads. Having two ambulances is a game-changer for Herona Hospital. The brand new fully equipped Landcruiser will be capable of getting to remote villages to offer free healthcare to people who would otherwise not be able to get any healthcare. At the same time, it will free up the Toyota HiAce which will always be on standby and ready to transfer emergency referrals to Kampala. We are extremely grateful to IMET2000 who secured a grant from the Randal Charitable Foundation, this very generous grant allowed us to buy the new Landcruiser and make sure the old HiAce is in good reliable order. We now aim to undertake a much more detailed outreach programme, helping more people who would otherwise struggle to find treatment. These outreach services will include HIV, hypertension, diabetes and sickle cell testing, dental work, eye testing and family planning to mention a few.This is a huge achievement for the hospital This and we would like to say 'thank you' to everyone who has made this possible.


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