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Oxygen at Herona Hospital

We are proud to report that Herona Hospital has now got a much better oxygen supply due to a very generous donation from Peak Scientific and their Founder and CEO Robin MacGeachy. Here are the latest photos of the Peak Scientific oxygen generator now working perfectly and producing medical grade 94% oxygen. The South African engineer Regard shown in the photos worked miracles to get it ready and working by the time the visiting CHEIRA surgical/gynaecological team of 8 arrived to work hard each day for 9 days. It arrived from Mombasa badly damaged and Reghard had to put it together with many spare parts flown in urgently and then get it running and properly tested. He succeeded the same day the Swiss team arrived. The team and anaesthetists particularly expressed wonderment that we had installed so much new equipment since they last visited in autumn last year and enjoyed their mission so much that they are returning later this year. Perhaps apart from much better anaesthesia for the patients, the most obvious benefit of the piped oxygen was that two surgical teams could operate in two theatres at the same time so nearly double the number of difficult cases could be treated. The piped oxygen is also life-saving for severely ill patients in our dedicated COVID-19 ward of 12 beds. That too is hugely important. Many thanks to Robin and all his team.


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